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Boston T Ridership Marketing Plan

Lucas Wall writes about the new general manager for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Daniel Grabauskas and his efforts to improve services on the T, Boston’s local subway system.

The ridership of the T has slipped from 650,000 in 2000 to just fewer than 600,000 riders in 2005.  Grabauskas is quoted as saying the MBTA is putting more money into infrastructure.  Lucas also compares ridership increases in public transportation systems across the country with Boston, but also mentions some reasons why Boston’s subway may be facing increased competition from road traffic, with the Big Dig projects being completed its easier to get around the region by road.

Grabauskas plans no major marketing blitz to bring back riders, he will concentrate the Authorities efforts on providing a good product.  I think Grabauskas has his eye on the prize.  However, I’d like to make one or two suggestions, how about giving more customers ways to give feedback on the T.  You can send an email message to every department head in the MBTA, but how is the MBTA responding, customers like to see what other people think, and how you have responded to their concerns, suggestions and feedback.  How about setting up a forum that allows people to post their suggestions and feedback on the MBTA website.  Or better yet set up a blog as a way to communicate with your customers.