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Role Clarity, Motivation and Ability in Corporate Blogging

I read an interesting article today from the Journal of Marketing “Choosing among alternative service delivery modes: An investigation of customer trial of self-service technologies,” by Matthew Meuter, Mary Bitner, Amy Ostrom and Stephen Brown.  The authors looked at how role clarity, motivation, and ability are factors in customers adopting a new self-service technology.  I started thinking about these three factors in relation to corporate blogging and ask the following questions:

Why blogs are so easy to use?

What do you have to gain from using a blog?

What should your role be as a corporate blogger?

Quick answers would be (1) content management systems (2) ability to converse within your community as an authority (3) depends upon your background and what goals you want to achieve, but I’d suggest the primary goal of a corporate blogger is to learn about the needs and wants of their customers and use the blog to both design products and communicate with customers about their products.