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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Just returned from watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. Growing up in England, I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and Danny the Champion of the World, and watched many of Roald Dahl’s stories for adults on television.  I especially like the story, Lamb to Slaughter, the story of a woman who kills her husband with a leg of lamb, and then serves the leg to the policemen investigating the murder.

In tonight’s film Willy Wonka at one point is lying on a couch speaking to his Umpa lumpa psychologist about his difficulties creating new types of chocolates and candies. He describes how he makes candies and chocolates that he likes, and sells them.  And because he is unhappy at the moment he is making terrible candy and chocolate.  Hmmm…this is not good marketing, surely Mr. Wonka should be conducting market research to discover his customers’ wants and needs, or at the very least test market his products! 

Mr. Wonka reminds me of another entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, Doc Searls in this 1997 article describes how Steve Jobs is an artist, and that Steve’s customers either admire his art and buy Apple’s products or don’t.

I don’t buy apple products, though the ipod looks tempting, I am thinking I wouldn’t buy a Wonka bar either, would you buy a Wonka bar? And if so why?