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Marketers make a stand for marketing!

Marketing is all about building products that really meet the needs of customers; marketing is also about promotion, many company Presidents and owners think that their marketing department is responsible for promotion only.  Owen Jenkins, President of Kadance Research, and past President of the Boston AMA called that idea ‘productizing’ selling the product rather than marketing a company.

The idea of a chief marketing officer is relatively new, but what is the role of a chief marketing officer?  As marketers we understand that marketing is not purely about advertising and promotion, yes, that’s an important part of marketing, but really marketing is the process of building a better product for your customers based upon their needs and wants.  I think Seth Godin captures the idea that many companies think of marketing as merely a promotional exercise when he described the role of CMO’s. “The myth of the CMO is the C part. They don't get to be the chief of the stuff that is really what marketing is all about today. CAO, maybe (Chief Advertising Officer) but not CMO,” from Seth Godin’s blog at

Don’t get me wrong I believe that promotion or advertising is an important part of marketing. However, I do think as a professional, marketers need more support in explaining the role of marketing to their company leaders and colleagues.