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Corporate Blogging Survey 2005

I recently changed jobs from to Backbone Media, Inc. an Internet consultancy based in Waltham, MA, April was a busy month, I also just got married!  I will be working on marketing and PR for the company.  Backbone has a great team of people, who I am very excited to work with.  One of my first projects is to continue my corporate blogging survey from last year.  Regular readers will remember I conducted the 1st corporate blogging survey in mid-2004, just in time for the online conference about online PR in July. There will be another Global PR Blog Week, from June 13-17, 2005.  I intend to help support the conference and discuss my findings from the survey.  If you are a corporate blogger and work like to take the survey please click here.  Also for those people in the Boston area I will be moderating a panel discussion on blogging for the American Marketing Association, my chapter, Boston, is supporting the event.