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Hispanic Marketing at the AMA

Eduardo Crespo from Hispanic Marketing Solutions gave a presentation tonight at Aquent for the Boston chapter of the American Marketing Association about marketing to Hispanic markets in the United States. One issue he did raise that I thought made a lot of sense was that when writing an ad in English, it is best not to just translate that ad into Spanish and assume it will work culturally, far better to hire a Hispanic marketing marketer or agency to develop the ad for your company.

I was thinking that for many of the companies out there that offer technology to translate a website from one language into another, they might be missing something, or adding something into a translation from English into Spanish or another language. Probably it is best to develop unique content for different language markets. In addition, the work you do in search engine optimization in English on your website will not work for your Spanish language site; obviously, the keywords will be different but also the search engines.