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Diamond Business Comic Website

I am getting married this coming April, when I went shopping for engagement rings I must have gone to about 10-12 diamond merchants, maybe more.  I learnt all about the process of buying diamonds, but in the end, I selected a store based on a referral.  It’s amazing when you think about the power of viral marketing.  A friend’s endorsement really does make a difference.  I selected Adco Diamond in downtown Boston.  I was excited to discover their website.  Why, well it is a business comic website.  The site contains cartoon drawings of the owners of the diamond business explaining their diamond buying and selling process. Adco is a small business run by four members of a family.  When you see their site, I really get a sense of who runs the business and its personal nature. 

Now the site has a few problems when is comes to optimization for search engines, its all in flash, but I think by placing text at the bottom of each page, say 250 words on a page Adco Diamond would be able to optimize their site.