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What Does a Corporate Blogger Have That a Corporate Website Doesn’t?

More From Heather Hamilton On Corporate Blogs

Heather Hamilton posted a comment on the Seattle PI blog today, I have been chatting with Todd Bishop about the nature of corporate blogging at Microsoft. Blogging is being encouraged by executives at the company. Heather commented on the value of blogging:

Blogging actually provides an incredible opportunity to speak to a large audience where they live and play (Google, MSN, Yahoo!), which, when you think about it, has more legs than speaking at a conference (my weekly "blog views" far exceed any audience I have ever spoken in front of). Your voice via a blog is searchable and permanent.

And as I state on the same posting.

I am convinced the tools and the cultural use of blogging has demonstrated how poorly designed existing corporate websites were for actually chatting with an audience online. There was no interaction, there was no personality. Future websites will take some of the communication lessons from blogging, incorporate them and produce better online conversations with an audience.

My thanks to Heather Hamilton and the other corporate bloggers who answered my survey. I think by working through these issues and attempting to understand the value I may have arrived at the same conclusions as others. But I do see one subtle, hopefully new slant, that we are really experimenting and the reason for the experimentation is due to some problems with existing websites. Rather than ask the question what is the value of blogging, I think the more interesting question is why do existing websites not work?