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Corporate Blogs Start Personal Online Conversations

Ian Lurie asks the question what makes blogging so compelling? Maybe the real question is why are current web sites not compelling enough? Customers and visitors to existing corporate websites may be looking for product information but they don’t want a sales pitch.

In the 21st century, customers are savvy enough and cynical about the nature of information from a corporate source. Few customers take anything stated by a company at face value. A blog lets an individual portray their personality and demonstrate their knowledge about an industry or a product. I think customers view a company’s message through the lens of corporate blog differently than a corporate website because they know they are communicating with a person, not a faceless company. A customer’s perception of the source is different and their willingness to listen is greater.

There is no reason why companies cannot take this idea of having people communicate directly to customers on a corporate blog and use it for corporate websites. But already culturally we don’t expect a corporate website will have use first person in writing copy. A corporate blog allows a corporation to break that imagined barrier of not one person writing to another and start personal online conversations with customers.