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SEO Use Case II

I recently posted an entry about SEO Use Cases, a relative of mine in the UK with more experience than I on programming had a suggestion for a correction.

Referring to my posting:

"A use case in software development testing is a description of all of the ways in which a user wants to use an application. Each use is a request to the application; the use case describes what the system will do in response to the user request."

My relative's comments:

"Not quite. A use case is a context diagram describing all the actors (i.e. interested parties) and resources involved in a particular scenario. To model the system (in The UML) the developer may start by modeling real sequences of events that can happen in the system being modeled. These are scenarios. From this he would describe the behavior expected of the system in terms of time dependent behavior, data flow and data organization.

It strikes me that to return the correct response you would have to ask the searcher what it was he expected. Do this, lots of times and then correlate the results by hand and draw some conclusions.

A good start for me would be to return a hierarchy of results so that I can dismiss a whole site having followed just one link to it."