Business Models for Corporate Blogs
SEO Use Case II Can Boost Your Organic Search Rankings can be one way to give your company’s pages a boost in search engine page ranking on Google. At my former company, Quotium Technologies, I used this method to boost the company’s organic search engine results.

Quotium, a company providing load testing and performance testing software to independent software vendors in the states, and many large financial institutions in Europe needed higher organic rankings., a contextual advertising service that allows you to advertise on online media, from to, proved to be one quick way to get a boost in rankings.

I placed $0.25 to $3.50 per click through ads on, resulting in an increase in the ranking of a Quotium page for the keyword “load testing”. The page received increased traffic from a higher organic listing on Google and more direct traffic from the text ads on the web media publications.

I determined if was the major source of the increase in rankings by putting “?source=B” after the URL of the page I entered into the listing form. The extended URL turned up in Google, and was the only place I listed that URL.

This is really a great example of what you should not do in search engine optimization, the results are not permanent, once you take away the ads, the ranking disappears within a few days.