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Content the Key to a Successful Conference

Comdex is no more. I was reading Alan Meckler's blog about the news and Alan described how one of his trade shows is very successful.

Fortunately our company has originality and has created the best new trade show in America: Search Engine Strategies. It is vertical and on the money (and makes big money).

I was wondering why the success? I think it’s because of relationships and personality, Danny Sullivan the founder of is widely known as one of the best experts on search engines in the industry. His Jupiter Media website has many ongoing customer relationships; a lot of content on the website is free, but they also sell subscriptions too with more in-depth content. These ongoing conversations with customers give Jupiter the ability to promote their conferences (there are search engine strategies conferences in different cities around the world all year) to their subscribers all year long.

Content is very important on the web for getting a high ranking on search engines, its also important for attracting and retaining customers and the media through viral marketing. and are two other good content websites that might benefit from an associate conference. TechTarget's whole business model is around this idea of creating the complete content experience for customers, online content and conferences.