The Interview with Ian Lurie
Why PR Professionals make good Internet Marketing people

What comes first the ranking or the brand?

Getting a high rank on Google does not necessarily translate into traffic and a response from customers, so says Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive in my interview with him last week.

Why, is that I wondered, maybe its partly to do with the description on the top ranking, or even if a customer click through the message on your web site is not what the customer is seeking. Ian perceives that the reason has more to do with brand. If you have not established your brand for a particular theme of products and services, even if you achieve a high ranking, if your audience are not familiar with you they might not click through.

I wondered about this issue, if a customer is not aware of every competitor in the marketplace I think the customer would be more likely to click through to the top ranked sites. While for market aware customers then brand will have more influence in their click through response. If you don't have a very well known brand, achieving a high ranking will increase the awareness of your company with your audience.