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Why PR Professionals make good Internet Marketing people

This post is from my article "PR - The next Internet Revolution", back in September.

Some characteristics of PR, that led me to think that PR will play an important future role on the net.

* PR people have to defend their brand constantly in the media marketplace on a daily basis with journalists, this previous experience to the rigors of the communications market prepare PR people more than anyone else to our evolving media society.
* PR people have to convince journalists and other stakeholders that their story is important to the journalist's and stakeholders market, selling their story on value to the journalists audience. The net is the same, web site marketers have to provide value or their audience and customers move onto the next site.
* The media world has changed, news is delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the Internet is the reason for that change. Traditional PR powered by Internet tools will be one of few ways to manage the communications pressures to publish quickly and well in the 21st century.