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Head Of Cartoon Network Resigns Over Boston Aqua Teen Campaign

Access Hollywood reports that ratings did not rise due to the publicity surrounding the Aqua Teen Hunger Force campaign in Boston. The Seattle PI reports Jim Samples, the head of the Cartoon Network resigned Friday in light of the campaign.... Read more

Who Takes Responsibility For Marketing Campaigns

Susan Getgood of Marketing Roadmaps writes a good thoughtful post, which ties up the loose ends of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Boston Bomb scare incident. She asks a question: "That's the ethical issue: what is the responsibility of a marketer... Read more

Forrester’s ROI Blogging Framework May Suggest GM FastLane Blog Needs More Justification

Charlene Li writes about the ROI of blogging and provides a framework for measuring the ROI of a company’s blogging efforts in her post, “New ROI of blogging report from Forrester,” the post is a companion to Charlene’s for fee... Read more

Where’s the Fire? Commercial Alert Sees Smoke Where None Exists

The Federal Trade Commission made a formal announcement that companies participating in word of mouth marketing activities must ask any participants to reveal any compensation they receive. Annys Shin of the Washington Post writes about the announcement in “FTC Moves... Read more

Social Media Plugin’s And API List

If you are building a social media company, one way to ensure more people use you is by partnering with other web 2.0 companies. WordPress, Six Apart with Typepad and Moveable Type and other blog publishing platforms all encourage software... Read more