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Turning Active Community Leaders Into Dormant Leaders

I've been thinking more about this model of the life cycle of online communities, especially the progression through each of the roles within the community visitor, novice, regular to leader etc. I'd made the point in my previous post, "Creating... Read more

Larry Weber's "Marketing To The Social Web"

Larry Weber, the founder of the W2 Group and Chairman of the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange has written a useful and helpful guide to the world of social media in his new book, "marketing to the social web." In... Read more

Social Media Report In Public Radio

JD Lasica linked to this excellent report on social media in public radio, from the American University School of Communication's Center for Social Media called “Public Radio’s Social Media Experiments: Risk, Opportunity, Challenge”. Here's my synopsis of the report. If... Read more

Election 2008 - Obama's Website Judged The Most Social Media Friendly By

The project for excellence in journalism at has developed a project for the review of the candidates in election 2008. Called, "Election 2008 - Candidate web sites, propaganda or news?" The study reviews each of the candidate’s websites for... Read more

Social Media Survey

Joseph Jaffe is running a survey in conjunction with the Society for New Communication Research about social media. The survey aims to, "To assess the awareness and knowledge of senior marketers of conversational marketing and their priorities for including it... Read more

Forrester’s ROI Blogging Framework May Suggest GM FastLane Blog Needs More Justification

Charlene Li writes about the ROI of blogging and provides a framework for measuring the ROI of a company’s blogging efforts in her post, “New ROI of blogging report from Forrester,” the post is a companion to Charlene’s for fee... Read more

Study Reveals The Inc. 500 Believes The Hype And Practices Corporate Blogging

Eric Mattson and Nora Barnes have released a new study that researches the number of companies in the Inc. 500 that use social media and other forms of new media, “The Hype is Real: Social Media Invades the Inc. 500”.... Read more

Discovering Which Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools And Websites Customers Prefer To Use To Connect With Other People In Their Community

It is often cited that companies should join the blogosphere because that is where their customers and audience are publishing content. Is that always true? During the process of researching my book, “Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging,” to be... Read more