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The question of how you deploy social media within a large multi-brand company, really comes down to budget, which department is going to pay for the resources to set up a social media program? Different companies have taken alternative approaches... Read more

General Motors Brands Use “Immerse & Disperse” To Adopt Social Media

Since joining General Motors in March 2007, Christopher Barger, GM’s Director, Global Communications Technology, has struggled to spread the idea of engagement with customers using social media across the American auto giant. He has been stymied by a small budget,... Read more

Will Ford & Auto Industry Be The Web 2.0 Turnaround Story Of 2009?

Roxanne Darling beat me to the punch line with this post, "How Ford Can Ramp Up It’s Social Media Turnaround Story of 2009." In February 2007 I wrote the blog post, "Is Dell The Biggest Blogging Story of 2007?" The... Read more