Agile Marketing Movement Update 01/31/13
Agile Marketing Movement Continues To Grow

Agile Marketing Movement Update 02/18

02/18 Update: San Francisco is growing tremendously and now has 460 members, I believe this is the largest group of agile marketers on the web... I'm not sure if this is larger than the Linkedin group now!

Shanghai shrank, and the rest of the pack pretty much remained stable.

One new addition, London, though, there we only have one member, myself, I created the group in anticipation that a member of the agile marketing community will shortly be ready to be a co-organizer and start events in the UK.

If you are interested in participating, join the Agile Marketing Facebook group or the London Agile Marketing Meetup group and let me know.

as of 02/18/13

SF 460

Shanghai 108

Seattle 53

Boston 37

LA 26

Bangkok 17

London 1


San Francisco

3 held event

1 scheduled event Feb 27th


3 held events


2 held events


3 held events


1 held event




1 held event