Agile Marketing Movement Update 10/12
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Agile Marketing Movement Update 11/01

The agile marketing movement continues to grow, here's the November 1st update on the state of meetup groups.

San Francisco held their first event, and as a result storms ahead in terms of the number of members up to 113, at their first event 36 people attended!

Shanghai has overtaken Seattle in terms of the number of members at 52, Shanghai has another event scheduled for the 22nd of November, and will then have held 3 events after this last event. 

Boston has now held more events than any other group with 3 events, and overtaken LA for the number of members. I think we are going to see more of a break out with Boston in the future! Boston is a marketing city, and our group will grow if we continue to hold events. 

Jim Ewel moderated a panel discussion at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston in October, Frank Days, VP of Correlsense from Boston was on the panel.

If you want to get involved with the agile marketing movement, join one of these groups, or contact me about starting your own group in your area. We are also looking for help with organizing support for the agile marketing movement at a national level.

Member numbers by City

San Francisco

1 held event


2 held events

1 scheduled event Nov 22nd


2 held events


3 held events


1 held event


1 held event

Membership numbers