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Everything Agile Marketing

I thought Scott Brinker's recent description of where marketing is today was one of the best I've seen in the industry.

"digital world didn't happen overnight. It's been the progress of the evolving Internet for the past 20 years. But it's reached a tipping point where "online" no longer fits into a discrete box separate from our lives and our businesses. It's now infused into the very bedrock of our lives and our businesses.

I believe this leads to two transformational mandates that every organization must face:

    1. Everything is marketing.
    2. Everyone must be agile."

Scott also does a great job of explaining why, "our customers are now agile."

How customers experience brands today, across mulitiple channels, means that if a company provides content across those channels it is more likely to acquire and keep a customer. This process of optimizing marketing across integrated channels resembles, "iterative loops of agile sprints," as Scott suggests.

Agile then is one process that can give marketers the tools and processes they need to keep up with their current reality.