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#Sprint0, Monday 8:30am, San Francisco!

A couple of months ago, Jim Ewel sent me an email.

He told me he was traveling to Boston from his home in Seattle, that he had heard Frank Days and my podcasts over at the Agile marketing podcast blog, and he wanted to meet up for coffee to chat about agile marketing.

We met at the Starbucks coffee house in Harvard Yard.

If you've ever been to the store, you'll know it has a great view of the yard from the 1st floor window overlooking the MBTA stop.

Jim and I sat at the coffee bar, chatted about our backgrounds in marketing, and our interest in agile marketing.

I recall right at that meeting, Jim proposed the agile marketing community do something more to evangelize the concept and collaborate on what is agile marketing.

Out of that suggestion, and many subsequent calls, both with Jim, and other colleagues in the industry, we launched SprintZero: The Physics of Agile Marketing; a one day conference just about agile marketing, bringing together the largest gathering of marketers practicing agile marketing to date.

Well with 60-70 people signed up for the conference, many, but not all of whom are already practicing agile marketing we've already succeeded by bringing together so many marketers interested in the concept and process of agile marketing.

I'm looking forward to Monday in San Francisco, to meet, to learn, and collaborate on all the sessions. 

* If you want to learn more about agile marketing check out my article and interviews with many agile marketers at MarketingProfs (You’ll have to be subscribed, but you can get a free account, if you don’t already have one.)