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Delving Into Agile Marketing Manifestos, Adoption & Origins

A Bevy Of Agile Marketing Launches

Jim Ewel launched the first iteration of website today.

During the June 11th SprintZero event in San Francisco we spent nearly two hours discussing the principles and values of agile marketing. The group did not finish the process, but we did make some decisions about agile marketing values. Those results are published on the new site.

We welcome comments, suggestions and ideas about the values, the process is still in flux, and I think we have a lot of work todo to determine the similarities and differences between agile, agile development and agile marketing, but this is a great start.

Thanks to Travis Arnold for all his work in pulling together the initial list of principles and values in his pre-conference post on agile marketing manifestos.

4 Agile Marketing Meetup Groups Launch

Other news in the world of agile marketing, four new agile marketing meetup groups have started around the country, LA, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle.

San Francisco Agile Marketing Meetup - Austin Walne

Agile Marketing LA Meetup – Greg Morrell

Boston Agile Marketing Group Meetup – John Cass

Seattle Agile Marketing Meetup – Jim Ewel

San Francisco is already top of the list with 64 members! If you are thinking of organizing your own meetup group, let the agile marketing facebook group know, and we’ll add your group to the list, or the agile marketing linked group.