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Social media club I recently joined the social media club, though I'd been involved with the social media club in Boston for many years, attending events, event proposing speakers, and lending moral support to the team in the area, I'd never actually join the club. I was always too busy with the Boston chapter of the American Marketing Association, first as a board member, then as President, and then supporter to the social media and volunteer teams. The move to Greensboro meant I could start afresh, and so when I heard that a new chapter of the Social Media Club was starting here in Greensboro, I decided to help support the effort.

The team is working on finding locations, speakers and sponsors for media, food, and resources, and we should announce a schedule of events in the next few weeks.

The purpose of the social media club is to encourage a forum for discussion around the use of social media for business, nonprofits, journalism and society in general. Typically events are held monthly at an interesting location with a speaker, or speakers who discuss how social media is used, or discuss a topic of the day. 

There's quite a lot of social media activity here in Greensboro, although I think a lot of organizations have only recently started to develop a social media presence judging from the number of twitter accounts started by Greensboro organizations I've seen.