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Starting Your New Business On $100

Ja-Nae Duane is a friend from the Boston Social media community, and she recently published her new book How to Start Your Business with $100.

 Ja-Nae Duane's book is more than anything a personal story, Ja-Nae's, in how she started Wild Women Entrepreneurs on $100, and grew that organization to over 50 chapters in five years.

 She provides tips on how to grow your new business, including:

 "If you are looking for a very simple and very frugal website solution, try using Wordpress ( or Typepad ( While primarily known as a blogging platform, Wordpress actually offers a free downloadable software to help users publish high quality pages. While this software still requires web hosting (see above) users can also opt to simply keep a blog, which can be maintained without a download."

Ja-Nae launched the book in the last few weeks at the PR Launch Camp in Boston. She provides an overview of the book, check out her new book as a start-up resource is you are thinking of starting a new business.