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Is Content Taking Marketers Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole?

Jesse Stanchak on the SmartBlog On Social Media in the article is social media headed for a crash? suggests people go to social media sites for content. Well yes that is true, but surely the motivation for using a social network is not only content? Rather the relationships you develop matter more? Otherwise why bother with a social media network, instead just use a plain old website with content.

He made the point that some businesses develop a social presence that doesn't add any value for the user, and not all businesses have demonstrated value to a community through their social media efforts.

I'm starting to think the obsession with content, content, content, means that many people are going down the wrong rabbit hole. Yes, content is important, a good editorial strategy is very important, and even a good SEO strategy. But as the term social media suggests, there has to be a social element in social media for business. It’s not just about your content, but your communities. Take some time to listen to community members, write comments, or posts in return.

I don't think social media is headed for a big crash, but there may become a point where some content marketers discover their content is not succeeding in terms of getting the ROI that they once found. Instead, the competitor who is also writing great content, but talking with customers, listening to them, and engaging them will be ahead. That is if the product is just as good!