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More Reviews For The Business Blogging Wiki

Three new reviews are to be found on the Fortune 500 Business blogging wiki in the last few days. Two of the reviews were of the same company, Johnson & Johnson, which was also a new entrant to the wiki, thus bumping up the number of companies to 61 or 12.2% of the Fortune 500 that are featured on the wiki and known to blog.

Richard Young wrote a review of Johnson & Johnson's By the Way Blog he gave the blog 55 out of 80, giving praise for the blog's writing and honesty, but was disappointed about aesthetics and wanted to see a higher level of interactivity.

Stacey Rogers wrote the second review of the Johnson & Johnson blog, she gave the blog almost the same ranking, 53 out of 80, but then gave an additional 10 bonus points for a clean layout and the social interaction design of the blog.

Katrina Heilman reviewed the Whole Foods CEO blog; John Mackey the CEO of Whole Foods had recently been in the news for posting anonymous comments on the Yahoo! Finance forum, and as a result he stopped blogging, and the Whole Foods decided to restrict what executives could do in social media. While Katrina's review gives an overview of the blog. The blog is in abeyance for the moment.