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Google & SUN Microsystems Blog Reviews

Lots of blog reviews this last week, in addition to the three I mentioned earlier in the week, we have two more from the PR students out in Oregon!

Nigel Vanderford reviews the CEO of SUN Microsystem's blog, Jonathan Schwartz. Nigel gave Jonathan's blog high marks, 68 out of 80. He liked the frequency of posting, engaging writing and interactiveness with the rest of the blogging community. Nigel discovered Schwartz comments on other blogs.

Bryan Saxton reviews the Official Google blog and gives them an average grade. Surprisingly Bryan reports he found the blog difficult to find. However, Bryan did mention that the blog gets the top ranking on Google web results when you search for "Google blog." Bryan gave the blog 43 points out of 80, the reason for the low mark was because the blog does not allow comments and so the blog received a 1 for interactive and 1 for responsiveness.