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Twitter And Customer Service

A great post from Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb all about Twitter and customer service, how companies are using the social media technology to respond to customer service issues.

I was particularly interested in the list of people who manage outreach via Twitter for a number of companies.

1. Will Pate: Community Evangelist - ConceptShare (@willpate)
2. Mario Sundar: Community Evangelist - Linkedin (@mariosundar)
3. Eric Skiff: Community Evangelist - Clipmarks (@ericskiff)
4. Marilyn Pratt: Community Evangelist - SAP Labs (@marilynpratt)
5. Brett Meyers: Community Evangelist - Zloop (@brettmeyers)
6. Ryan Knight: Community Manager - Yahoo (@yank)
7. Jennifer Puckett : Community Manager - Disney (?)
8. Jim Lynch: Community Manager - Ziff Davis (@jwlynch)
9. Jake McKee: Community Guy - Formerly Lego (@jakemckee)
10. William Azaroff: Community Engagement - VanCity (@wazaroff)
11. Carole McManus: Community Specialist, formerly Yahoo 360 (@puttopal)
12. Asa Dotzler: Catastrophist, Mozilla (@asadotzler)
13. Anand Iyer: Developer Evangelist - Microsoft (@anandiyer)
14. Damon Billian: Director of Customer Evangelism - Mint (@dbillian)
15. Domini Perri: Community Manager, Utterz - (@domjp)
16. Daniel Ha: Disqus (@danielha)

The job titles are interesting.