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What Is A PR Situation Analysis?

To develop a story that your audience will really think is relevant, go out and research the background to your industry. You will find the best stories develop from the most active debate in your industry. You can then write a story that will resonate with your audience. If your company is an Internet service provider, and current industry polls show Internet users are frustrated with Spam and pop-up ads. Write stories about consumer frustrations with Spam and pop-ups to attract the interest of your potential audience. PR does not sell but it does attract attention to your company. Once you have the audience's attention, the process of selling can begin. I think a PR situation analysis is probably the most important part of developing a story that will resonate with your audience and media. As a marketer, I'd like to measure the success of sales from one PR story to another. I’d also like to measure if buyers are more likely to purchase if your latest story is about Spam compared to Pop-up ads? You can measure your customers’ reactions to your story. You will be able to measure by increased telephone calls, store visits or unique visitors to your web site. But does the potential audience translate into buyers? You will not know which PR campaign produced the best results until the final sales results are published. PR has a limited life span for working. Journalists who were once hot to publish your story yesterday can be reluctant to listen to you today. You have to understand this dynamic and continuously conduct a PR situation analysis to determine what story will match the media moment.